3 Actionable Tips That will Cut Your Water Bill Permanently



Nothing is more frustrating than having to pay more on your water bill.

You’re already trying different ways to save those extra Rands from your bill but nothing seems to be working.

You’ve taken those 1 minute showers everybody tells you to take, recycled used water and even emptied your pool. Instead of results, the bill seems to continually get bigger and bigger.

Well, there’s hope because we are going to help you put a stop to it. Permanently.

In this post we will show you 3 easy tips and tricks that will permanently remove your frustration.

As plumbers in port Elizabeth, at Biggs Plumbers we have seen and resolved every plumbing problem you can imagine.

Here is what we need you to understand right at the outset.

The number one cause to your surprising water bill problem is undetected water leaks.


What is a water leak and why is it a problem for you?


Your home is fitted with a water supply system that is suppose to give you access to fresh and clean water. Check this visual representation below:

As you can see the one thing that makes this entire system work is pipes.

There’s literally pipes everywhere in your home. From your taps, to your toilet, shower and geyser to name a few places.

Pipes are simply the vehicle for water from your home’s water storage compartment to you. Got it?.

Alright, let’s move on.

Overtime these pipes rust and eventually break causing water leaks. And because these pipes are fitted in places you can’t readily see, they often go undetected.

Now, to best describe why these leaks are a problem we believe it’s best to use numbers and an example to make this very clear you.


Our example works as follows:

  • One: Your home currently has a leak on a faucet (tap).
  • Two: It happens to have about ten leaks a minute.


According to the USGS every leak is about .25 milliliter and of course this may seem small. But in reality it’s not.

At this rate this single tap would be wasting about 90 litres of water every single day.

What makes it worse, that faucet is most probably not the only source of leaks in your home. There could shower heads, the pool or even your geyser.

But as mentioned earlier our purpose is to help you solve this issue once and for all with these 3 tips.


1. Start with your Bathroom


In many of the homes we’ve worked with we have found that some parts of the your bathroom can cause the biggest problems.


The first place to check is the toilet:


The cause to a leaking toilet is a part inside this area called the flapper. When this part gets old or eroded it can cause water leaks.

Action: Check if there is water leaking through the flapper.



Next place to check is your faucets (taps):



The next cause to water wastage in your bathroom is the areas around the tap. These tend to have a slow leak that over time can cause a massive water bill.

Action: Check for any leaks with your faucets (taps).


Lastly, check your shower head:




The next culprit that can cause problems for you is your shower heads.

Just like your faucets, the main thing to check is the areas around the shower head. They also can show signs of a slow leak which can cause a massive water bill.

Action: Check for any leaks with your faucets (taps).

2. Check your Geyser


Leaks in the geyser tend to go unnoticed too.

So this is one of those areas you will want to check. To make sure that there aren’t any problems here:

  • Give your geyser a good physical inspection.
  • Before you get close and touch it, makes sure its off.
  • Check that pipes that connect to it.
  • Check for rust around it. If there is, thoroughly check again for leaks from the pipes.


3. Call a Professional


So you’ve applied everything we have told you so far with exactness.

All the areas we told you to check are fixed but you’re still unsatisfied with the amount on that bill.

The reason to this could be that your home still leaks in places that are hard for you to get to. And honestly this matter needs the most professional plumbers in Port Elizabeth.

Many of our clients have seen amazing results with our techniques and even recommend us as the go to plumbers for solving this issue.

Luckily for you we’re offering to drive to your home for FREE and take a look. Call 061 444 8597.

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